We do not believe in blowing our own trumpet alone. The proof of the effectiveness of MyMoneySeva comes from businesses which have been associated with us and customers who access our portal from time to time to fulfill their needs - big and small. Here is what some of those customers and businesses had to say about mymoneyseva.com:

“I was looking for some Goa tour packages, but I had not gone through travel agents ever. I found some really trustworthy travel agents here who offered me great rates for Goa. I was able to book my Goa travel package in a jiffy here”
- Ankit Kathuri, student, 23 years old

“I am a small service agent providing hotel booking service to travelers. Because from the time I partnered with mymoneyseva.com, my business increased 3 folds in a matter of months, and I have definitely graduated from a small service provider to a mid-level service provider”
- Atul, a travel agent from Delhi

“It was on the recommendation of a friend that I used MyMoneySeva for money transfer. I have used it for other things as well from online shopping to booking rail tickets, flights , mobile recharge and other stuff. It is one of the rare trustable platforms online”
- Ashok Mandal, a busy business owner from Mumbai

“I have a couple of budget hotels in Paharganj, New Delhi. Given the competition, I always found it difficult to sustain a profitable business. I had tried everything from collaborations to discounts and other usual things related to marketing. Then, mymoneyseva.com came along and I decided to give it a shot, since I had already tried everything, I saw no harm in trying one more thing. In a month time, I was running my hotels to full bookings, and I even have to say no to queries often, something I never thought was possible”

“Being a working mother of two, it gets difficult for me to go shopping or even go to the local store for bill payment. I always wished for MyMoneySeva as it is an easy alternative for me. Right from bills to online shopping and mobile recharge, I can do everything from the comfort of my office or home; and so far, I have not faced a single issue of security and credibility”
- Nikita, 35 years old, working mother of two

“A service provider helping people book rail tickets, bus tickets procure cash cards for international travel, business was never so good even after 10 years of existence in the market. Ever since I joined MyMoneySeva, my business doubled and I even started getting queries from international customers who are travelling to India and wanted to book rail and bus tickets for domestic travel”
- Dheeraj Mathur, a service provider in Shimla

“Frankly speaking, when I first stumbled upon mymoneyseva.com, it looked to me as one of the many Yellow Pages site. But after I used it for booking my flights and paying my bills online, I had to eat my own words.”
- Suhani, an Eng (Hons) student from Mithibai College

“I had been looking to sell my house for quite some time, but could not find worthy property agents who could connect me to the right buyers. At MyMoneySeva, I was able to find an exhaustive list of property agents and was able to sell my house in a couple of days”
- Arun Balaji, a working professional from Hyderabad